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This is Sukee, a Golden Doodle, at her winter home in California.  She will soon be on her way home to get her much needed haircut, and I am very anxious to see her again.  She is a very sweet dog, and has a great family who love her very much.



This is Sparkles who is sporting his Lion Clip.  Her owners love his cut, and keep him in it year round.  Sparkles lives in Lake Oswego with his much loved family.




This is Leo the Lhasa Apso.  I groomed Leo for over 10 years before he quietly passed away to the rainbow bridge one day during the summer.  He now watches over his owner in spirit next to her art studio.  Miss you Leo!


This little cutie pie is a Lhasa Apso I groom in West Linn.  She is a delight to groom and a very sweet little girl.


I met these two beautiful therapy Llamas at the West Linn Farmers Market.  I just had to share their beauty.  Rojo, myself, and Smokey.  They can be seen at




This is Coco, now all grown up.  She is such a cutie!  She lives with her owner in Lake Oswego.




Chloe is looking very stylish.  She is such a very pretty girl.




Prince is a very handsome Sheltie boy.  He lives with his owners, who adore him, in Oregon City.


Sweeney is an adorable Maltese that I have been grooming for many years.  He is a big dog in a little dog’s body with just as much personality.  He happily resides with his owners, who love him very much, in Lake Oswego.



Chloe is a beautiful Lhasa Apso in full coat.  She happily resides with her owners in West Linn.

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